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Gilchrist Club

December Newsletter


We have Beretta shotguns in stock and ready for the field!

In addition, we have FAIR shotguns, rifles, and lots of handguns discounted just in time for Christmas.

We have a wide variety of ammunition and hunting accessories that will make great stocking stuffers.

Ashley, Jennifer Poole, and Aliyah are making room for our new winter apparel so ALL Under Armour and Yeti brands are on sale!

Can't decide on a gift for your friend or loved one? Let them decide with a pro shop gift certificate!
Starting December 1st, we will gift wrap and/or ship your purchases for you.
Gilchrist Club is partnering with Jeffrey Boatright to offer our members firearm safety and self-defense classes.  Jeff's basic pistol course prepares participants for carrying concealed weapons.  This course meets and exceeds the training requirements for the Florida Concealed weapons or firearms license.  For more details, go to NEWS & EVENTS.
To book your lodge and safety class reservations, please contact Ashley, Jennifer Poole, or Aliyah in Member Services.

How has our summer been you ask?
Our summer has been full of spring cleaning and capital improvement projects. There are now 50" Smart TVs on top of new dressers in ALL lodge bedrooms. One of the more exciting improvements is the installation of fiber optic cable. We have improved our speeds from 7.5m to 250m, up and down! More exciting improvements include an expanded parking lot, railroad tie replacement, new AC condenser units at Seminole and Gator, and more!

Randy, Sr. has been working with Remington all summer long and he's ready to go!

Greetings Gilchrist Members! Decembers blog is all about Big Sexy and the
new pavilion surrounding her. If you are not familiar with Big Sexy, she is
my smoker out on the back deck at the restaurant.
We have been working very hard over the summer to create an inviting
atmosphere for relaxing and/or special events.
This new pavilion is equipped with a new prep sink, lighting,
and fans. In the coming days, a bar top with stools, 55" TV, and Bluetooth
speakers will be installed.
We are excited for you to see and experience
this new amenity.
The Food & Beverage team is anxiously awaiting your visit.
As always, it is our plan to make your dining a
world-class experience.
Feel free to contact me directly to discuss the
menu for your next visit.

As you all know, quail season is an incredibly hectic time. It is our goal to make your visit enjoyable, memorable and stress free. Here are a few ways you can help us achieve this goal.
Please notify us immediately when any of your details change. We know that things happen and last minute changes occur. The more notice we can get the better we can serve you.
In addition, daily schedules are very important, particularly your departure time to the fields, scheduled activities, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner seating times. Please be on time.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated!