The hunt. The food. The wine. The view.

The Gilchrist Club ~ where time is not the master of the game... you are!



The Gilchrist Club is a private reserve that offers its guests true southern hospitality


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...the finest hunts, events and recreational opportunities.



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I was not aware of the Gilchrist Club until I was surveying some timberland in the area. My coworkers and I were treated with Southern hospitality, and found all the land management folks in particular to be helpful and committed to maintaining a beautiful natural landscape. Very abundant bird population.

~ Jay (Yahoo Review)

The Gilchrsit Club is an exclusive, private hunting and sporting club set in the heart of Northwest Florida's timberland.

Here is where those who share the same expectations are rewarded with exceptional wing shooting...exquisite services...culinary pleasures...precious time with family or business associates and luxurious accommodations.

We offer Osceola turkey, quail, deer, wild hog, alligator as well as trophy bass. The 5 stand,pistol, rifle and sporting clays range are all top of the line and exciting. Experienced professional guides accommodate groups for each hunt.

The Club is located approximately 30 minutes west of Gainesville and I-75. 

Gilchrist Club

The property that would become Gilchrist was purchased by Bob Menke and David Meehan in 1989 as a hunting and recreation retreat for their families and business associates. The first onsite lodge was constructed in 1998, and within a year, plans were drafted to create a members-only hunting club. Gilchrist’s inaugural member’s quail hunt was held in November, 1999, with a handful of dogs, a few jeeps, and only three guides. Not long after, the club began offering deer, hog, alligator and turkey hunts.

By 2002, the club needed additional facilities, and the Suwannee Lake Restaurant and two lodges were constructed. Two years later, a 5-stand shooting pavilion and the rifle and pistol ranges were built, and in 2005 the restaurant was expanded and a small pro shop was added. Also that year, the Gator’s Den and Seminole Reservation lodges were constructed and additional jeeps were purchased.  

While the club has been buying adjoining tracts of land since its inception, a key purchase was made in 2007, when the club acquired a 12-acre parcel that included a three-bedroom home on the Santa Fe River. By 2008, The Gilchrist Club had expanded its holdings to 27,000 acres, and in 2010 the 14-stand sporting clays course was constructed, and two years later (2012), additional quail fields were opened up; there are now 19 managed quail fields on club property.

Unrivaled Hunting

We’re passionate about quail hunting here. With 19 carefully managed fields spread across 27,000 acres, our coveys experience minimal pressure and the birds fly extremely well. Our world-class pointers run with grace and style before locking on a covey, and our eager retrievers happily fetch the birds you shoot. We have 15 jeeps lined up to take you on a quail hunt like none you’ve ever experienced.

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Hunt Calendar

Quail (Oct 1st -March 15th): Bobwhites abound at Gilchrist, thanks to superior habitat on our 19 fields managed just for our favorite gamebird. Jeeps will transport our hunters between fields (we have 15 vehicles and can accommodate two hunters per jeep), and our guides are proud to handle some of the most elite pointing and retrieving dogs in the nation. Our quail hunting is an experience unmatched anywhere in the country. 

Wild Turkey (2015 Season: March 21st thru April 26th ): Thrill to the sound of gobbling in the pre-dawn, then ready your gun as our guides call up one of these beautiful and amazing birds. Our Osceola populations are strong, and the hunting experience unbeatable, for the toughest bird in North America’s wild turkey grand slam.  

Pro Shop

One of the many benefits of membership at the Gilchrist Club, is the opportunity to shop in our well supplied Pro shop. Members can find exceptional bargains for brand name merchandise from Beretta, Filson, Columbia, Orvis, Costa Del Mar, as well as Beretta shotguns, rifles and pistols! Utilizing our network of suppliers we can order just about anything you need, if we don’t already have it in stock.

Gilchrist Outfitters

Dreaming of that “Bucket List” hunt for a while? Let Gilchrist Outfitters arrange that next hunting adventure for you! Be it shooting dove, purdez or waterfowl in Argentina, hunting for that trophy elk in the wilds of Colorado or stalking a cape buffalo in Africa, Gilchrist Outfitters can certainly save you money, as well as insure that you are going on a quality trip! We will research and help you select that hunt of a lifetime!