Fast-flying bobwhite quail, hard-gobbling Osceola turkeys, elusive whitetail deer and plentiful hogs. Gilchrist’s 27,000 acres offers spectacular adventures for the discerning sportsmen and women who call the Gilchrist their home!

Unrivaled Hunting

We’re passionate about quail hunting here. With 19 carefully managed fields spread across 27,000 acres, our coveys experience minimal pressure and the birds fly extremely well. Our world-class pointers run with grace and style before locking on a covey, and our eager retrievers happily fetch the birds you shoot. We have 15 jeeps lined up to take you on a quail hunt like none you’ve ever experienced.

If you enjoy hunting other species, Gilchrist has abundant whitetail deer to chase in the fall, with rifle, archery or muzzleloader seasons. Call up one of our hard-gobbling Osceola turkeys in the spring. Or for something truly unique, hunt something with teeth; like one of our wild boars, or even a Florida gator.

Quail (Oct 1st -March 15th): Bobwhites abound at Gilchrist, thanks to superior habitat on our 19 fields managed just for our favorite gamebird. Jeeps will transport our hunters between fields (we have 15 vehicles and prefer hunting two hunters per jeep), and our guides are proud to handle some of the most elite pointing and retrieving dogs in the nation. Our quail hunting is an experience unmatched anywhere in the country. 

Wild Turkey: Thrill to the sound of gobbling in the pre-dawn, then ready your gun as our guides call up one of these beautiful and amazing birds. Our Osceola populations are strong, and the hunting experience unbeatable, for the toughest bird in North America’s wild turkey grand slam.   

Whitetail Deer (Mid-Sept. thru Mid-Jan. opening day varies): The sleek and ever-elusive whitetail is one of the hallmark species here, with Gilchrist Club hunters taking a trophy 8 point or better buck for the wall or just harvesting a healthy doe for the freezer. We offer stand hunts during the state’s archery, blackpowder, and general firearms seasons.

Wild Boar (year-round): Wild hogs are plentiful here at Gilchrist, and the interest in hunting them grows each year. Wait for them from the comfort of a stand, thrill to a spot-and-stalk hunt, or follow hounds into the cover as they bay up one of these trophies.

Alligator (summer season): Gilchrist has many swamps, lakes and ponds that are home to one of Florida’s most sought-after trophies, the alligator. With a limited number of tags issued each year, this is an opportunity that books up quickly, but is sure to be a hunt of a lifetime!